Like many revolutionary products, the World's Best Sock was born out of need. More specifically, out of discomfort...extreme discomfort. On a sunny South Carolina spring day in 2008, former Kentwool CEO Mark Kent was on the eighteenth hole at the BMW Charity Pro-Am, in what should have been one of the high points of his long (not necessarily illustrious) golf career.

After a superb drive, and with dogged determination, he was in position to Eagle the challenging 18th hole, thus securing a position in the Final Round of Play. But instead of having clear focus and concentrating on the next shot, he couldn't take his mind off the pain of his badly blistered feet. Three days of competitive golf had left his soles battered and bleeding. "Why doesn't anyone make a better golf sock?" he asked his caddy.

The caddy's response would prove to be a game-changing question: "You run a wool manufacturing company. Why don't you go make a great golf sock?" A light bulb moment and the rest is history.

Kentwool Why Wool
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