Tennis Anywear
Tennis Anywear


You can stand out, but BE OUTSTANDING.

  1. Experience couture quality beyond sportswear

  2. Slim your waist and enhance your figure

  3. Stand out in stunning style with full sport function.

  4. Love the way you look from every angle

  5. Easily access external ball pockets

  6. Your whole day in 1 outfit

  7. Get dressed fast with matching sets and built-in bras

  8. Get your time back to live life on your terms

Tennis Anywear is a new, sustainable women’s tennis and golf apparel company founded by a female tennis player, who felt tennis wear for women could be so much more! Tennis Anywear designs are the culmination of countless hours of planning, prototype testing, professional consult and skill implementation to create the ideal in hybrid fashion and function. Our underlying philosophy is to create beautiful and flattering, court approved, multifunctional outfits that seamlessly transition into everyday activities and are fun and easy to wear. We’ve removed the barriers that add time and create inconvenience for women tennis players by providing ready-to-wear outfits fully equipped with built-in bras, matching shorts and external ball pockets. Skirt length is an important factor, and we endeavor to hit the sweet spot such that women feel comfortable wearing their tennis outfit anywhere while functional for full range-of-motion on the tennis court. Put it on and go!
We hope women love wearing Tennis Anywear and welcome feedback and suggestions to continue improving and growing our collections.

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